2023 - 2024

Winter 2024, Issue 9

In this edition, we delve into the highlights of the 20th Symposium on Violence & Aggression, share updates on the revamping of our CFBSJS website, and offer a glimpse into the Director's corner. Additionally, we spotlight the engaging student networking event hosted by our Research & Implementation Branch, along with exciting opportunities for new CFBSJS memberships.

Join us as we explore the diverse facets of The Forensic Centre's endeavors and stay informed about our ongoing efforts in the field of forensic science and criminal justice.

2022 - 2023

Summer 2023, Issue 8

Welcome to our summer 2023 Volume 8 newsletter, where we are thrilled to unveil the CFBSJS Strategic Plan in a momentous public forum held on December 9, 2022. This issue is packed with highlights, featuring the dynamic partnership between the Correctional Service of Canada and CFBSJS, as well as our recent visit to Regina. Get insights from the Director's Corner, and discover the strides made by our Research & Implementation Branch during their visit to Saskatoon. Join us in welcoming the esteemed MP Pam Damoff, who graced Saskatoon with her presence. Plus, don't miss out on exciting updates about new CFBSJS memberships.

This newsletter is a gateway to the latest developments, partnerships, and activities that define our commitment to making a positive impact.

2021 - 2022

Summer 2022, Issue 7

Welcome to this edition of our newsletter, where we bring you insights and perspectives from the forefront of our endeavors. In the Director's Message, gain a comprehensive overview of our current initiatives and strategic direction. Delve into the world of mathematical brilliance with a research highlight featuring Dr. Raymond Spiteri, a mind-shaping our understanding with profound mathematical insights. "From the Field" offers a closer look at our practical applications and on-the-ground experiences, providing a firsthand account of the impact of our work. The Centre enjoys a 5-year Collaborative Research Agreement with the Research and Implementation Branch (RIB), Ministry of Corrections Policing and Public Safety, Government of Saskatchewan

This issue is a curated exploration into the diverse facets of our efforts, offering a glimpse into the visionary leadership, cutting-edge research, and tangible outcomes that define our commitment to excellence.

Fall 2021, Issue 6

Welcome to this edition of our newsletter, where we invite you to embark on a journey through the realms of leadership, exploration, and real-world impact. The Director's Message sets the stage, offering insights into our strategic vision and ongoing pursuits. Dive into the fascinating narrative of Dr. Caroline Tait's unplanned path in our Research Highlight, discovering the uncharted territories of her remarkable journey and the valuable contributions to our understanding. "Topics from the Field" illuminate the practical dimensions of our work, providing a comprehensive view of the issues we engage with on the ground.

This issue takes you into the multifaceted landscape of our organization, revealing the dedication, innovation, and meaningful strides that define our commitment to excellence.

2020 - 2021

Summer 2021, Issue 5

Welcome to this edition of our newsletter! We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on a groundbreaking event—the first-ever virtual Violence & Aggression Symposium hosted by The Forensic Centre. In a collaborative effort, we've partnered with the esteemed Department of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan and joined forces with the Department of Sociology. Together, we delved into potential areas of collaboration that promise to bring invaluable insights to the forefront.

Know more about our work as we unite experts and enthusiasts to navigate the complexities of violence and aggression, shaping the future of forensic understanding and societal well-being.

April 2021, Issue 4

Reflecting on the challenging journey of the past year amidst the global pandemic, The Forensic Centre acknowledges the resilience of its staff and faculty who navigated uncertainties with remarkable determination. Despite the adversities, achievements abound, including accolades for Dr. Vivian Ramsden and Professor Cindy Peternelj-Taylor. The Center forged ahead with strategic planning, fostering collaboration and research excellence, notably securing a TSAS research grant led by Dr. Davut Akca. While, the upcoming 18th Biennial Violence and Aggression Symposium, a virtual tribute to Dr. Steve Wormith, promises enlightening insights.

The newsletter encourages reflection on shared experiences, the support network, and the transformative potential for a brighter future in justice and criminal behavior research.

January 2021, Issue 3

In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into the essence of collaboration, a cornerstone of our mission at The Forensic Centre. Dr. John Weekes, a guest researcher with a decade-long partnership, showcases how distance is no barrier to shared goals. As the University of Saskatchewan embarks on revitalizing publicly engaged scholarship, our projects align seamlessly with community-focused initiatives, leaving a lasting impact. Our commitment to involving frontline staff and community members through events like the Violence & Aggression Symposium and annual Public Forum fosters the exchange of ideas that can effectively shape systemic change.

Explore the highlighted themes, Twitter links to emerging issues, and recent awardees of fall 2021 faculty and graduate research grants.

November 2020, Issue 2

As The Forensic Centre advances in its strategic planning and values development, we are thrilled to welcome Professors Carrie Bourassa and Glen Luther to our Executive Committee. Their invaluable expertise enriches our perspectives, bringing a wealth of knowledge in medical and legal domains. Additionally, their inclusion provides a crucial Indigenous response to our work, enhancing the depth and breadth of our research initiatives. In anticipation of our first virtual offering—the longstanding biennial Violence & Aggression Symposium in June 2021—we are excited to present a lineup of experienced and accomplished researchers as keynote speakers and presenters.

We invite you to explore this newsletter and join us in our commitment to inform, invite, and interact with the community through research engagement.

September 2020, Issue 1

The Centre's collaborative foundation remains strong, fostering interdisciplinary research and partnerships. Our strategic planning includes exploring mutually beneficial relationships, such as with the Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research. Notably, our work with Correctional Service Canada addresses cognitive deficits among older offenders and those with FASD, emphasizing evidence-based and cost-efficient solutions. Renewed agreements with the Ministry of Corrections and Policing underscore project stability, while collaborations with the Saskatoon Police Service and the Ministry focus on crucial research questions. Our involvement with CSC in developing an ethno-culturally relevant risk assessment tool for Indigenous offenders aligns with our commitment to reducing overrepresentation in the criminal justice system.

We extend gratitude to our dedicated team and invite continued support as we focus on impactful research.